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site specific design: We are creators of clean, seamless online experiences. We craft designs that easily guide visitors onwards – ensuring that they explore and discover the information that they need, beautifully.

We are builders of bespoke websites – tailored to the last pixel – for an original online presence. This is where striking form meets essential function. Being WordPress powered, our websites provide for intuitive management that places the power of your online presence, into your hands.

Powered by WordPress

Easy editing

Running under the hood of the web experiences that we create is WordPress – the mightiest of all CMS. What this means for you is that you can easily edit your website whenever you wish – tweaking and changing elements as your business demands change.

Content creation that builds firm fans and customer bases 

Using WordPress also means that you can create content that captivates your target market and that educates potential customers as to the value of your offering. Publish highly shareable blog posts, add immersive media (such as video) to engage your audience and perfect your content marketing strategy for a consistent flow of fresh customers.

Future proof and feature rich

With WordPress, your website is future proofed. This platform empowers you when it comes to easily adding features, such as live chat, social media feeds and galleries, at the literal click of a button – all through FREE plugins.

Seriously SEO friendly

Your carefully crafted online presence means little without a consistent stream of traffic. WordPress is built to be absolutely SEO friendly – featuring pages with their own Meta titles, descriptions and keywords – making it easier for Google and alike to discover your business (and there are many powerful plugins that can help you harness those powerful search engine positions).

Utterly mobile friendly

Search engines are now downgrading mobile unfriendly websites – having a website that flexes and fits to suit the device it’s viewed on is no longer a ‘nice-to ‘have’. However beyond this, website visitors today simply expect a beautiful experience – even on the smallest of devices. Our websites are built for this brave new mobile world of ours. For customers who convert whether on-the-go or at home.


Our services span beyond creation and design to encompass all that you may need as an owner of a WordPress website.

  • Custom designed WordPress sites
  • Theme repair
  • WordPress repair
  • Altering or styling plugins to match the appearance of your website
  • Importing existing websites into the WordPress platform
  • Making themes responsive for mobiles
  • Ecommerce store
  • Web hosting

I am really pleased with the new website, and how easy it is to use on all devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).  It feels so fresh and new!


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